Rally Update

I attended today's rally against the new high-rise slated for Greene between Classon and Franklin, and I'm glad I did - I have a much better understanding now of the issues and concerns at hand.

Often times, residents completely shun any sort of new development. This is NOT the case on Greene. Neighbors simply want to ensure that the building's design and construction are respectful to its surroundings.

Here are some of the main points of contention:

  • Height: Currently, no buildings on the block exceed five stories. The new building planned will cast shadows over current residents' properties, and will not "fit in" with the current historic atmosphere
  • Safety: Reckless demo is being performed on-site, which may lead to injury of nearby residents and damage to surrounding properties
  • Neighborliness: Developers have been rude to residents calling with questions and concerns; developers have not asked for feedback from local residents

Point is, no one would rather look at an abandoned lot filled with garbage over a tastefully-done new building. It's the way the developer is going about it that's deplorable! I laud the efforts of area residents to keep the site SAFE and the resulting building tasteful.

One of the best parts of the rally was the sheer diversity of the attendees - young and old of a variety of races and backgrounds. It's one of the area's best strengths.

I hope they'll keep me up-to-date on the latest developments. Various reporters and politicians were present as well -- cool.

Also, we've received a request for information on the Bed-Stuy North Neighborhood Improvement Association. Anyone out there who can fill us in?