Cafe Martino

So I had a chance to stop by Cafe Martino for breakfast this morning . I got the Breakfast Burritos (2) for $6.50 which was more like Breakfast soft tacos, but I'm not complaining. It was really good. I ordered mine with bacon -- they seemed to have run out of it and it looked like I got what was left. A discount was taken off my bill for it so it's all good. I would have preferred it being mentioned before hand so I could have switched it to something else that would clog my arteries but, again, I'm not complaining.

I apologize about the flash photography of the food but it's fairly dark inside Cafe Martino as the first picture shows. Oh, and the fresh salsa comes on the side but I was so excited I put it on my eggs before I remembered that I should photograph it...

The ice coffee was, in my opinion, very, very weak. Some people might love it -- everyone's got different preferences when it comes to coffee -- but I'm not a fan. I really like my coffee turbo-charged and this was far from it.

I do have to say that it's Uber-friendly in there. He knows almost all the regular customers by name and what they drink. A nice little touch in my opinion.

I'll be back - there's still more on the menu I want to eat. I'm just going to have to get the hot coffee or drink iced tea unless they amp up the octane on the iced coffee.

Cafe Martino 559 Myrtle Avenue (between Emerson + Classon) 718-636-3966