Brown Betty Cafe's Prix Fixe

So Lesterhead and I made it back to Brown Betty's Cafe for the Prix Fixe 3-course dinner for $18 offered on Friday and Saturday nights. Okay, let me cut to the chase: It's AWESOME.

You get a choice of a soup or a salad to start, whatever, and then an entree...

I got the Jerk Chicken breast.

You gotta get the Jerk Chicken breast.

(Well, if you can stand a little bit of heat that is.)


Just the right amount of spice and sitting on top of a mound of perfectly cooked sweet potatoes in a maple syrup glaze.

The sweetness of the sweet potatoes takes the edge right off the heat of the spices.

And on the side of that some rice and beans...

Boy, was I full.

And then he brings me this blondie bar...

Oh boy.

Anyway, go.

Get the Jerk Chicken.

(It's so good it's always on the menu.)

You won't be dissapointed.

[Lesterhead's take:

Since the jerk spices are too much for me, I opted for the grilled shrimp.

They were generous with the shrimp, which came atop a cold salad of beans, corn and tomatoes seasoned with parsley. The avocado on the side was a nice touch to the already tasty medly of flavors. Portions were perfect, service was great and the place is just so damn chill. Plus, you can't beat the value!]