Pookiellama Report: Smell That Smell

i walk through the intersection of greene ave. and classon ave. nearly every day. and about 8 out of every 10 days, it smells...incredible. like fresh-baked, sugary, buttery goodness. and it isn't some delicate "oh, my neighbor's baking cookies again" smell -- it's serious. like someone is mass-producing something luscious. but the thing is, there's nothing at that intersection that screams "pepperidge farm" (or even "little debbie's"). let's take a look at what's on the corners.


ummmm, no.


though the h.t.n.s. is one of my favorite neighborhood fixtures, i don't think they're cranking out the baked goods.


as catherine malandrino said to vincent: no. no. no. no. (though, come spring, this will be a fabulous latin restaurant (but that's another story altogether...).)


they could be shipping out cookies in those trucks, but i don't think so.

could it be that the

or the

both a half-block south on classon, are supplementing the collection plate with some intense bake sale activity?

if not, i'm stumped.

can anyone solve this puzzle? anyone? anyone?

*** This post contributed by hey mama, who will now be a more regular contributor- yay!