Happenings Down In LaFu

I was walking along Lafayette Avenue last night and saw that Mullany's Pub* was now opened for business. A quick peek inside saw 2 flatscreens above the bar broadcasting the Sunday Night NFL game and a pretty mixed crowd inside. Looks like it's off to a good start. I also saw that Stuart & Wright* has also opened for business. Some really nice stuff from what I could see but I didn't stop in.

I also noticed that the outside of Smoke Joint* has been upgraded. Could construction almost be done? Is real BBQ finally coming to Fort Greene?

Oh, and I decided that little area needed it's own special nickname since it's got so much stuff going on around it. I've decided on LaFu since it's where Lafayette Avenue and Fulton Avenue meet up.

(No laughing unless you can think up something better.)

And remember, if you start to see the term LaFu popping up on all the Realty sites you saw it here first.

(*Thanks to Set Speed and Brooklyn Record for the original head's up on these places.)