Many months ago, I was taking a car service to a party, and we drove past Reign. I was shocked to see what appeared to be a nightclub in this otherwise sleepy/desolate area.100_1731.jpg

From what I've heard, Reign attracts the Escalade crowd, and that patrons party until the wee hours of the morning. Still seems like an odd locale for a crazy hip-hop club, but then again, industrial areas are probably more conducive to loud music late-night.

I've also heard that the bartenders have been opening the club early for neighborhood happy hours, catering to the chill lounge set (ie. people like me who are too tired to go out and shake it at 1am on a weeknight) and hoping to attract locals. 100_1732.jpg

I'm set to go sometime this week! Has anyone ever been inside? This is as close as I've come: 100_1733.jpg Anyone live nearby and had any very good (or very bad) experiences?

Reigh even has their own MySpace page (and a ton of friends to boot).

Reign 46 Washington Ave (between Park and Flushing)