What's Up on Waverly?

Thanks to the reader who tipped me off to a new bar on Waverly between Fulton and Atlantic! (And to all readers who email and comment -- I like to think that I am magical and can be everywhere all the time, but I can't.) I checked it out this morning, and I'm not quite sure what's going on there.

First, I saw this, closer to Fulton: is this a new bar?

I peeked inside, and it looks bar-like.

BUT, I continued town towards the old site of the Training Academy, and it looks like there's a bar/restaurant in there called Cover Shot: new bar on waverly?

the old training academy

Could it be that TWO new establishments have opened on this block?

I almost joined the Training Academy when I moved to CH, but I was concerned about the safety of the block at night. It's really industrial there, and I didn't know if there'd be enough foot traffic to make me feel at ease. Anyone been to either of these places yet? Have the 411?

Looks though that the street is becoming a little less warehouse-y though. Check THIS out: ick

Ew. Also interesting is that it looks like Hasidic housing based on the second floor window cages. This could get interesting...