GettingtoKnowYou: Lesterhead

(And so begins our week of CHB interviews. Now that you'll know what we look like, say hi!) 1. Name: Robin Lester

2. Blog alias: Lesterhead

3. When did you move to Clinton Hill, and how did you end up here? I moved to Clinton Hill in April 2004. I decided I wanted to buy, and at first, I focused on the area since it was the most affordable for me in terms of what I wanted. The more I came out to look at the area, the more I fell in love with it. Plus, in looking at apartments, I became friends with Jay who grew up with a former coworker of mine. It was comforting to know I was moving somewhere where I had a built in dining/activity buddy. (And for the record, Jay and I are not dating!  We are just good pals who share an affinity for food, gadgets and popular culture.)

I vividly remember walking past an elderly man on a blustery winter day on Washington Avenue, and he stopped to chat with me. I was shocked, in a good way. This was how NYC was supposed to be, but never was! The love affair began immediately and kept on growing.

4. Rent or own? Own a 1 br co-op, and live in it with my gigantic cat and small dog

5. Hometown: Buffalo, NY (to be specific, a tiny town called Bowmansville, which is a Hamlet of Lancaster, which is one of the main suburbs of Buffalo). Spent four years at Syracuse U. Aside from a 4-mo stint in London studying abroad, I am a NY State lifer.

6. Years in NYC: 6.5 years (have lived on the UES, Sunset Park and Hell's Kitchen before moving to CH)

7. Favorite place to eat in the hood: Sushi D -- I can't get enough! And to pick a specific Clinton Hill place... Maggie Brown. Love the decor!

8. Favorite thing about Clinton Hill: All the dining options!

9. Biggest neighborhood gripe: I have two: A.) The C train. I hate it SO much. It never comes. B.) Garbage on the street. I didn't realize how bad it was until I got a dog, and saw her stop every 10 seconds to pick up a chicken bone off the sidewalk. Foul.

10. What would you like to see most in the nabe? A flower shop. I love to have fresh flowers at home, and I am constantly irritated by the piddly selection of skanky flower-fern combos on Myrtle and in shopping carts.

11. Favorite street in Clinton Hill, and why: It's a tie: St. James Place, because it's peaceful and has some interesting and gorgeous buildings; and Waverly, because I adore all the carriage houses that have been turned into homes.

12. If you could elect a mascot for Clinton Hill, what would it be and why? The generic black cat who can be found on almost every lawn in the nabe. Sometimes it's a friendly cat, and sometimes feral. But I love kitties and love seeing them around.

13. Who is your favorite bartender or storekeeper in the hood? Russell and Carl at RePop

14. Favorite take-out: Myrtle Thai -- I love the spring rolls!

15. If you were a flavor of ice cream, what would be and why? Mint chocolate chip -- Briskly cool with hidden morsels of sweetness