GettingToKnowYou: BrooklynJay

This is me and I still look the same with the same hairdo and everything.

1. Name: Jay

2. Blog alias: Brooklyn Jay aka Big Buddha

3. When did you move to Clinton Hill, and how did you end up here? I moved here in 2002. I was living in Chinatown and, after a lengthy legal dispute over a rent stabilized apartment, had to find a new place to live. Searching the various real estate websites I came across a very inexpensive studio apartment for sale in an area called "Clinton Hill".

The price was right so I moved here not really knowing much about the nabe and, honestly, I was probably the first Asian person living in my apartment complex. Security stopped me the first few times I tried to enter the building thinking I was making a delivery or a Pratt student who's lost and in the wrong building.

And while I'm still bitter over losing the apartment in Chinatown I really feel like it couldn't have work out any better as I love this area.

4. Rent or own? Own a little studio.

5. Hometown: Chinatown, NY.

6. Years in NYC: All my life. I did go to High School and College in the Boston area but I still felt like NYC was my home.

7. Favorite place to eat in the hood: White Castle's? Crown Fried Chicken? There's really so many place to eat in the area that I find it hard to pick a favorite.

8. Favorite thing about Clinton Hill: The people. I find everyone in Clinton Hill really friendly and nice.

9. Biggest neighborhood gripe: Not everyone curbs their dog. I mean, really, if you're going to own a pet then live up to your responsibilities as a pet owner.

10. What would you like to see most in the nabe? I would really like a decent pharmacy.

11. Favorite street in Clinton Hill, and why: Myrtle Avenue!

It's so diverse and offers something for everyone.

12. If you could elect a mascot for Clinton Hill, what would it be and why? A picket sign declaring "This Is Not Bed-Stuy".

If I watch Block Party one more time and hear someone call this area Bed-Stuy I'm going to go postal.

13. Who is your favorite bartender or storekeeper in the hood? Tricalee at Polish Bar gets my vote cause she lives in the same building as me.

14. Favorite take-out: Mojito. Really good Cubanos.

15. If you were a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would you be and why? I'm more like a sundae. Big with lots of different flavors to it.