Update on the House I WANT

Remember when I discovered this house for sale on St. James place and balked at the price back in August?Well, it's still for sale! Now it's down to $799k. Most interesting is the renovation next door that's taken place since.




the house i want to buy still for sale

All the houses on either side have completed this upgrade, with the tall stairway leading to a new "parlor-floor" door. I do like this new look overall, but the Buffalonian in me has a bit of an anxiety attack thinking about a long painted wooden staircase after a snow/ice storm. All I can do is picture myself slipping all the way down on my ass. (thump-thump-thump)

Anyway, I think the owners here are still smoking some of that 1980s crack with a price still that high for this one-family home in obvious need of mega-upgrades.