The BEST Scoop Yet!

A few weeks ago, a reader tipped me off to a new TV show he caught on HGTV called Hammered. On the episode he was watching, the show's hosts were filmed walking into Sister's Hardware on Fulton. He implored me to investigate, so I did. I set the trusty DVR to record all episodes. After viewing a few, I saw the guys outside of what appeared to be Adelphi Station:


WOW. It seemed fairly likely that the DiRestas' workshop was located in the area, but where??

After a few days of hard research, I made contact with Jimmy DiResta! And I was RIGHT: the workshop is located on Waverly between Fulton and Atlantic! And even more exciting: The DiRestas are going to do some interviews with us and fill us in on their new season, which begins taping in a few weeks.

Jimmy and John are both Brooklyn natives. Jimmy, an artist, designer and teacher, creates unique items tailored for their users. John, a former NYC transit cop, is a well-known stand-up comedian and actor, and has appeared in major movies as well as starred in his own UPN sitcom. I wonder what they'll make in their new season. This last season's projects included an art table for the Brooklyn Children's Museum, a mailbox shaped like John DiResta and a giant birdhouse for wood ducks in Prospect Park. It's cool enough that they work and film in the neighborhood, but even nicer that they're making creative products to be used in the area!