Little House on Clinton

Little House on Clinton150 Clinton Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11205 (718) 237-7780


Chicken and Waffles.An odd combination that's oh so right.

And oh so good.

I was first exposed to them in California at the famous Roscoe's House of Chicken' n Waffles. It was love at first bite.

So obviously I was SUPER EXCITED when Little House on Clinton advertised that they would be serving Chicken and Waffles. When they finally opened I couldn't wait to give them a try. So plans were made with my friend 1UP and, of course, Lesterhead, and off to dinner at Little House we went.

Upon entering you are very warmly and robustly greeted making you feel immediately at home and comfortable. As Little House is quite small, 3 booths and 2 small tables, we had a bit of a wait but was treated to a couple of mini waffles for our troubles. Mmmmm...

We decided to look over the menu and order our food in hopes that we'll be seated by the time the food arrives. (We were.) The menu consists mainly of breakfast type fair, some burger selections, Quesadillas (???) and, of course, Chicken and Waffles - all at pretty reasonable prices.

1UP ordered Little House Meal number 2 (4 mini waffles, 1 chicken leg and 1 chicken thigh for $7.49) while Lesterhead ordered the Little House Meal number 1 (4 mini waffles, 4 chicken wings at $6.99). I opted for 12 wings at $7.49 so that I could try serveral of the sauce choices. I chose Jerk, Buffalo and Teriyaki leaving House BBQ and Honey BBQ for next time.

(I know, I know. I didn't order any waffles. BUT I knew 1UP was gonna hook me up with some of her's so that I could write up a fair evaluation. Food Review 101: Rule 153 - you've got to know your dining companions.)

And, of course, we had to get a side order of (Freedom) Fries.

The Waffles were light, golden brown and DE-licious! A nice fluffy interior with a crisp exterior that holds up to the syrup so that it doesn't get soggy before it's time.

The chicken wings were extremely crispy, well breaded and seasoned and very flavorful plain and as is. As for the sauces the Teriyaki was good, the Buffalo was good, the Jerk was better but the best sauce was...maple syrup.


Maple syrup. Squeeze a little on...oh my. Crunchy, sweet, salty...yum!

It's honestly the best way to eat them and probably what makes Chicken and Waffles such an awesome combination.

The regular chicken pieces were just larger versions of the wings.

The only disappointment was the fries. They were just eh. I think they could've been a bit crispier and SALTED. I've gripped about this before but I hate it when they don't salt the fries while they are HOT. Ugh. Salting after the fact...the salt just never sticks to it. Who's with me on this? Another minor grip is the lack of an easily accessable bathroom.  After eating sticky waffles and greasy chicken you wanna be able to easily wash your hands can't.  I hope they clear that up soon.

So, overall, an awesome addition to the nabe.  Good fair at a good price.  If you go and plan on eating there plan on waiting a bit as it's pretty small inside but as a place for delivery or pickup - AWESOME.

Chicken and Waffles.  Yum. Who would've Thunk It?