Year-End Donations

There's less than a week left to sneak in tax deductions, and I myself have a whole bag full of clothing to donate. You know, making room for all the new pants I need post-cookie binging.A few years ago when I first came to Clinton Hill, I tried to find a local charity looking for clothing donations.  At the time, I also hoped to find something walkable due to my lack of a car.  I had a very difficult time finding something.  I started by emailing Leticia James, who gave me the contact info for someone at S.N.A.P.  That woman unenthusiastically referred me to a local organization that provides housing and education for teen mothers.  THAT contact was even more difficult to get a hold of, and then couldn't provide a pick-up for the goods.  This is one of the most frustrating aspects of material donation in NYC -- getting the stuff there!

Since inheriting a car, I've been dropping off clothing donations at the Goodwill at 1100 Fulton (bt Classon and Franklin).  They have a huge collection bin and a donation desk right inside for easy receipt pickup. There's also a Salvation Army near Broken Angel, but I've never been inside.

Aside from these two standbys, are there any neighborhood-specific organizations accepting clothing (or furniture/housewares) donations?