What's Up with Sushi D?

Something's been amiss at Sushi D on DeKalb Ave. They haven't accepted credit cards in weeks, but they keep pretending it's just for one night. It's becoming silly -- if you're not accepting credit cards, just say so. Don't pretend it's a one-night-only technical problem. annoying Also, the service has been way off. During my last visit, we never even received water at the table, and my tea cup went unfilled for the entire meal until I waved someone down.

What gives? Management change?

UPDATE: Reader and contributor MizBrooklyn has the scoop!

Last time I went they said they were being investigated by a credit card company (at least I *think* that's what they said -- there was a bit of a language barrier)...apparently a customer has had problems with having his credit card number stolen and used. The woman I spoke with insisted that Sushi D only employs very reasonable people (she said her waitresses have been there for years), and that there are other businesses that may be the actual source of the lifted credit card numbers. But until then, their credit card privileges are suspended.