(burzh-wa): My Review

All the praise for (burzh-wa) sounded too good to be true, so I decided I needed to try it for myself. I made myself an 8am appt on Saturday morning with the insanely-lauded Kim. snb10921.jpg

First, Kim gave me a tour of the salon. The main room is quite expansive, and there's a washing station in the back (which will eventually become the spa space). Kim was superfriendly, and we gabbed the entire time I was there. She showed me some pics of the space before she moved in. If you go, ask her to see them so you can truly appreciate the renovation.


I was a little nervous, so I asked for just a trim. I have odd hair. It's curly around my face, frizzy in the back and perfectly straight and smooth underneath. I am VERY picky when it comes to hair salons. A bad cut for me could spell disaster!

When my cut was almost finished, Kim convinced me to let her cut the sides short. I waffled at first, but I gave in. I wanted to see what she could really do. The result? A really hip look, cut efficiently, and which cost me a mere $35!!!! Pratt Students, get thee to Kim.


She cuts all kinds of hair!  My cut: