Washington Ave Homes

I rarely find myself walking north on Washington, especially during daylight hours. So when I finally strolled by this past weekend, I couldn't believe my eyes. I know the area is home to a lot of interesting architecture, but Washington almost looks like it could be the suburbs! These are on top of a hill:

snb11082.jpg Def two of my favs! The one on the left looks like it might be more at home in Seattle. I love the brick balcony on the right:

snb11081.jpg To the left of the Seattle House is an enormous, gorgeous home. How many families live inside?


This one has all sorts of interesting corners on the side. I want it!


A Cape Cod-ish vibe here, with the light blue trim:


Not quite a regular brownstone:


Sigh- then someone had to muck it up with this:


When was this ever a good idea?

I'm hoping these will be on the house tour.