Head Over Heels Cafe: Does It Actually Exist??

Back in September, Jay and I attempted to try out a new cafe in Bed-Stuy called Head Over Heels Cafe. When we arrived at the alleged location, we couldn't find it. Now five months later, we found ourselves wandering one morning and decided to see if it was actually there. This is what we saw:

snb11244-copy.jpg This "cafe" is allegedly located where that gate is pulled down and there is NO SIGN. The website's still up, and claims that they open at 10am. This photo was taken around 11:30 am on a Sunday morning.

Seriously, this is SO unprofessional! Even opening 10 minutes late isn't cool. That was my second attempt to check them out. NOT good business practice.

(Allegedly located at 525 DeKalb Ave.)