NYC Condoms: Available in our Hood!

Gowanus Lounge informed us that the new NYC Subway free condoms are completely unavailable in some Brooklyn zip codes! So, I've compiled a list of where to get your own in our nabe. I am pleased to find they are available in all three area zip codes!



Aphrika Hair Braiding 1259 Fulton St (bt Bedford and Nostrand)

Dominican Style Hair Salon 914-A Fulton St (bt Washington and St. James)

Kings/Queens Unisex Parlor 920 Fulton St (bt Washington and St. James)

Mega Dry Cleaners 916 Fulton St (bt Washington and St. James)

Respect for Life 932 Fulton St (bt Waverly and Washington)


Five Spot Soul Food 459 Myrtle Ave (at Washington)

Floyd 131 Atlantic Ave (near Henry St)

Luigi Pizzeria 326 DeKalb Ave (at Mary Pinkett Ave)

Mojito 275 Park Ave (on Washington bt Park and Flushing)

Pena 505 DeKalb Ave (bt Skillman and Franklin)

Reign 46 Washington Ave (bt Park and Flushing)

Sputnik 262 Taaffe Pl (bt DeKaln and Willoughby)

Tillie's 248 DeKalb Ave (at Vanderbilt)


Brawta Cafe 347 Atlantic Ave (at Hoyt)

Changing Faces Barber Salon 692 Fulton St (bt S Portland and S Oxford)

Greene Community Pharmacy 702 Fulton St (bt S Portland and S Oxford)

Moe's 80 Lafayette Ave (at S Portland)

Moshood African Clothing 698 Fulton St (bt S Portland and S Oxford)

New Directions Alcoholism and Substance Abuse 202-206 Flatbush Ave (bt Bergen and Dean)

Stonehome Wine Bar 87 Lafayette Ave (at S Portland)

11238 def wins the Weirdest Condom Venues Award -- a bunch of salons, something that sounds like a Pro-Life church and a dry cleaner.