TV Pilot Being Filmed Today

A neighbor tipped me off to a massive film crew setting up last night on St. James and Washington, saying, "Probably just Law and Order, but it looks to be bigger than that." So I checked it out. Sure enough, there were countless trailers, equipment, etc on Lafayette, Washington, Clifton and St. James this morning.


DSCF0287.JPG This flier was taped to neighbors' doors:


Regency Television Productions, Inc. is currently in production of a FOX Television pilot titled New Amsterdam, starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Firewall, Kingdon of Heaven and Wimbledon) and directed by Lasse Hallstrom (An Unfinished Life, Cider House Rules, Chocolat). This project is the first venture into American television for the Oscar-nominated director. The series, written by Allan Loeb and Christian Taylor, centers on John Amsterdam, a man cursed with immortality who works as a homicide detective in New York.

Sounds like a mix of L&O and Heroes, which is fine by me. Plus, if it's filmed in CH, I will watch.

I think this house on Washington is being used as the set, inside and out:


Buzz and reviews sound good so far.  Here's more info on the show:

Hollywood Reporter