Meetings & Events in the Hood

Mark your calendars, and attend if you can: 1.   88th Precinct Meeting with Police Commissioner Ray Kelly

Tues., 4/17/07, 7:30 pm, St. Luke's Church, Washington Ave. between DeKalb/Willoughby

Everyone welcome.  Your opportunity to raise questions about crime, safety, etc.

2.  Rally against demolition of historic buildings for contractor parking

Wed., 4/18/07, 8:00 am, Flatbush/Atlantic Ave.

Everyone invited.  Show the powers that be that demolition should be prevented until the law suits are settled.

3.  Town Hall Meeting with Councilperson, Letitia James

Wed., 4/18,07, 7:30 pm, St. Luke's Church, Washington Ave. between DeKalb/Willoughby

Learn about the 16 story building proposed for Washington Avenue behind Kum  Kau Restaurant.  This building would extend from Washington to Hall.  The proposed building is out of scale for this 3-4 story brownstone block and not compatible with the proposed Wallabout Historic District or the proposed zoning change.

4.  Huge side-walk sale on Clinton Avenue between Myrtle and Greene Ave., Sat., 4/21/07.

5.  Society for Clinton Hill House Tour Tickets:  available at the Farmer's Market, Tillie's, Outpost, Pillow Café, Sister's Hardware, YU Interiors, Choice. $20 advance sale.

5.  Brooklyn Friends of Chamber Music Recital

Sun., 4/22/07, 3 pm, Lafayette Presbyterian Church, Lafayette/So.Oxford St., $15 at the door.  Information and advanced tickets: 718-855-3053