Spaces for Rent?

Just received this reader email: So I'm having an event this summer -- about 50-75 family and friends. We'd like to do cocktails, some music, a low key thing. But I'm having trouble finding a good space in the neighborhood. There is grandspace across Atlantic in Prospect Heights, but I was hoping for something even more local (and, to be honest, affordable). You can rent out Outpost and Pillow Room -- but what other event space, warehouse, art space options are there in Clinton Hill? Can you rent out the Paul Robeson? Anyone know any secrets?

I once posted about this awhile back, but it never hurts to ask for recommendations.

In addition to the above, there's the group space at iCi where Sodafine used to be, and Brown Betty can also be rented (but can't accommodate that many people). I wonder if the empty Karrot space on Grand is available for rent? You'd have to bring in all of your services, but it could be awesome if done correctly.

It would also be cool to do something up in Wallabout, between the Navy Yard and Park Ave. I know there are a LOT of artist spaces up there. There's also be a fancy event space IN the Navy Yard, called Abigail Kirsch Stage 6. Or, maybe the 1110 Gallery at 1110 Fulton, between Classon and Franklin?

I'd also check with SONYA, an organization of local artists. Maybe they can direct you to some rentable spaces?

(Speaking of SONYA, their annual art stroll is slated for May 19-20. I'll do a big post on that soon.)