Mirror's on Grand: UPDATE

*cringe* Every now and then, I check back on my favorite "coming soon" establishment, Mirror's on Grand. Nothing's ever changed. Thankfully, a neighbor noticed something veeeeery intriguing, and sent me this note:

I was walking by "Mirror's on Grand" today and noticed a sign in their window that says they are going before CB2 tonight as part of the process for getting a liquor (beer/wine) license for a bar/restaurant. This place has had me intrigued for the last year or so that it's been "coming soon" but I had noticed a little more activity in there recently. I guess it's not going to be a mirror store though, assuming they get the license! I'm imagining a sort of ghetto-glamorous night spot now, haha. It still seems a little dusty and unfinished in there for now, so who knows how much longer we will be on the edge of our seats in anticipation!

Liquor license! The plot thickens. Maybe I was wrong about the grammatical inaccuracies, and it's going to be a person named Mirror's restaurant/bar.