House Tour Recap

It was a lovely day for a house tour yesterday, despite being windy. It was so cool to see all the people walking around with their programs. I wondered who had come from other neighborhoods.

315 washington
Personally, I much prefer the private homes to the institutional buildings. Don't get me wrong- it's amazing to have the opportunity to get inside the Pratt mansions, and the woodwind performance at St. Joseph's was really lovely. I'm just much more interested in seeing how people choose to renovate and decorate their homes.

I wasn't able to take as many photos as I'd have liked, since a lot of the homes were not allowing photography inside. Personal favorites were:

315 Washington Ave. - the program said to "note the lovely built-in china cabinet." I snickered at that line, but boy were they right. The dining room china cabinet was gorgeous and filled with amazing things. This place also had GORGEOUS flower arrangements and a stunning coffee table.

315 washington ave
302 Clinton Ave. - the friends I was with thought perhaps the renovation was too modern. I absolutely loved it! Gorgeous dark-wood floors, funky bedroom rug, amazing furniture, modern kitchen and a large koi pond out back.

Speaking of which, what do people do with the koi in the winter?

koi pond, 302 clinton ave

258 Hall St. - omg, omg, omg. A loft-like reno of a carriage house! I wasn't 100% sold on the layout of the living room, but the furniture throughout was amazing.

outside 258 hall

kitchen at 258 hall street

281 Greene Ave. - I've been in this place before, on the SONYA Stroll. Props for the neat foliage, cool office and the swing hanging smack dab in the center of the apartment! Nice roof deck, too.

inside 281 grand

The rest of my photos are here. Again, apologies that there aren't that many!

What were your favorites?