Another Poo "Situation"

Dearest readers, I have reason to believe the neighborhood fecal situation has gotten out of control. Check out this note I received over the weekend: I'm a big fan of the CHB and as such and very aware of the dog crap problem around the neighborhood. This morning my husband Sean and I were walking our pooch up Clermont between Greene and Lafayette (on the east side of the street), and we saw something so disturbing on sidewalk that we immediately knew we had to report it to you...unfortunately we didn't have a camera with us, so there's no shot attached.

It was...a used colostomy bag. EWWW! Of course, our dog found it first, but even she knew it wasn't something to be messed with.

Thank goodness they didn't have a camera! I don't even know what a colostomy bag looks like, and I hope I never have to find out. Anyone else seen one lying around? How did it get out onto the street???? I love that even the dog wouldn't mess with it.