Community Board 2 Minutes

A reader send me the minutes from the last Community Board 2 meeting, which covers our area. She's summarized some items of note for us:

  • Bonita has applied for sidewalk cafe permit (and got it) (so did 67 burger)
  • I See Promotions is proposing a "Fort Greene Fest" music & film festival in FG park would include food tasting, jazz, gospel, rap, r&b, food vendors, film screenings (oh look - there's a website) - but it hasn't gotten support yet, for a lot of details listed in the minutes
  • Mirror's on Grand didn't show up for their liquor license request (I hope they aren't cheesy too - we like Grand 275, but when Brown Betty moved in down the street, I asked the Outpost proprietors what they thought about the competition - and they were happy for it, that the more activity on the street, the more business in the neighborhood. having said that, that stretch of grand is getting crowded :))
  • There's the big rezoning plan for the nabe - the keeping of most of the neighborhood short, and allowing taller denser buildings along Fulton, and parts of Atlantic...

Thanks, Eve!