Daytime Crime

Received this note from a reader: Last night, I had a non-violent encounter at S Oxford and Lafayette. A young kid was jogging by and tried to snag my cell phone. Broad daylight, tons of people around. He didn't get it but he did manage to snap it in half and make off. I filed a police report and the office told me it happens often and that there are a number of these incidents in our neighborhood.

I myself know of two such instances, though they took place at least a year ago. First, a teen grabbed a friend's iPod as he exited the G train, also in broad daylight. Two joggers stopped the kid, retrieved the iPod and convinced my friend to just let the kid go. Two winters ago, another friend was mugged in broad daylight in Fort Greene, on the afternoon of a snowstorm. The culprits, a male and female, took off with some credit cards and a cell phone, after punching my friend in the face.

I know we live in a big city, and that crime can take place anywhere and anytime. Though it's unnerving to hear about stuff that happens in the middle of the day when other people are around. Just a note to be aware of your surroundings.