The boarded-up Cathedral of Deliverance near the worst post office ever is going condo!936fulton7.jpg

The building will be called Fulton on Clinton, which I think it a bit deceiving. Makes it sound like it's on the corner of Clinton and Fulton, when it just refers to the building being IN Clinton Hill.

The exterior rendering looks really nice, and prices don't seem too outrageous. Though the listing does say Fort Greene. I'd think by this point, listing "Clinton Hill" would be a selling point. building.jpg

Inside? These computer-based images are hard to really judge, but it looks like something I would live in. Though I'd pick a different paint color for the kitchen, and it doesn't look like it has much counter space. But it does have a washer-dryer (swoon). livingroomfinal.jpg


Two units go on the market Sunday. Just a warning- if you buy here, you have to pick up packages at Adelphi Station! What do you think should move into the retail space? Hopefully this storefront will help fill in the gaps on Fulton and further tie it together as a decent destination (Olivino, Kush, Outpost and Brown Betty are all favorites of mine on/near Fulton). Brownstoner coverage here.