Live Jazz: Who Knew?

Turns out there's live jazz in our 'hood regularly! I've been meaning to check out Parlour Jazz on Vanderbilt since moving to the neighborhood, but never have. Apparently, the jazz club is housed in a brick townhouse between Myrtle and Park. Parlor Jazz 718-855-1981

The website takes me back to 1996, but I'm definitely going to make checking this out a priority

I've also seen web mention of something called Jazz 966, which seems to happen at 966 Fulton. This also may or may not be an old folks home? Jazz 966 718-638-6910

Finally, it appears that this renovated space, called LOX, next to Kush on Fulton is slated to be a new jazz club!


If it opens while I'm away, I expect a FULL report.