Sweeping Changes North of FG Park

On the rare occasion I take a cab home from the city, I usually guide the driver to make a left on Myrtle.  Those first few blocks of the former Murder Avenue look to be just that -- crumbling buildings, boarded up storefronts, garbage.  It's an even stranger corner, given the luxury condo buildings nearby. Perhaps the property owners there heard the gossip that Brownstoner broke today in advance, and have been neglecting their buildings until the area changed a little.

More than a little.  It seems the infamous Ingersoll and Whitman projects may eventually become middle income housing and/or co-ops! Holy crap.

Several months back, there was talk of razing Admiral's Row to make room for an enormous supermarket.  Perhaps this was planned in advance for the new tenants?   Where will the current residents go?  Will it result in a more unified Fort Greene Park scene?