Community Dining at Grub

Several months ago, TimeOut printed a small chart highlighting various community dining opportunities in the city. One of them takes place on Flushing Ave. just past Classon. Anyone is welcome -- first come, first served -- and you "pay what you can." Here's the catch: the food is pilfered from garbage cans and dumpsters, and then cooked! I've Googled the event, and have come up with this:


A cheap, simple dinner for strangers and co-conspirators.

We are a small group of people who do a lot of other things in New York, like decorate subways and throw parties in the streets. We work with several collectives and art groups, like Toyshop, Madagascar Institute, and In Our Hearts. At Grub we're just offering dinner.

Whether you are active in other collectives, your neighborhood, your backyard garden, or just new to town, we invite you to our table. To get a little squishy, we are looking for practical ways to build community. We are particularly inspired by weekly dinners served at squats in Amsterdam and Berlin, where you can get a cheap, tasty meal and catch up with friends in a cozy room. We like parties as much as anyone, but we think there should be places to talk without a pounding sound system.

We are not gourmets or fancy cooks; we offer simple food simply prepared. We will only be able to serve 40 people, first come first serve. There will be plates for vegans and vegetarians alike. Please come early and hang out.

Rubulad home base 338 Flushing, at Classon, Brooklyn G train to Flushing or Classon stations, J,M,Z to Marcy, B61 bus to Flushing 6:30p doors, 7p dinner; $pay what you want, and bring your own booze

Never a mention of the dumpster diving.

I even walked past the space once, and found someone inside. He was really nice, and said they always get a big group of interesting folks. I'm KIND of tempted to try it out, but the whole trash thing scares me.

The interior space is pretty wacky -- filled to the brim with colorful artifacts and artsy stuff.


Has anyone ever gone to this? Thoughts, feedback and reviews?