311 Photo Project

Received this request yesterday for photo contributions: My co-blogger Steve Lambert and I are looking for reps in various Brooklyn neighborhoods to help us launch "People's 311," a flickr photo pool documenting 311 conditions around the city.

To give you a rough idea of what we're going for, click here.

We don't yet have someone from Clinton Hill and could really use some help there. Would you all be interested in participating -- or at least posting about it?

In order to launch this right, we need to get a lot more photos up. Here's what we're looking for:

* street potholes * dead or dying street trees * illegal outdoor advertising * peeling paint in public places (subways) * damaged or open fire hydrants * missing or dangling traffic signs * sidewalk hazards * fallen over newspaper boxes * illegal dumping

...and the like. We'll also be doing a web page describing the project and what it's about.

P.S. For background, this is a sort-of crowd-sourcing response to Bloomberg's 311 Scout program, which he announced on last week. He'll be sending city workers out to "drive every city street on a monthly basis" to report 311 problems. Seems like something citizens could help with. His press release can be read here.

Thanks for your consideration,

Carrie McLaren Editor, Stay Free!Feel free to contribute to the pool and represent CH in this project!