Cool Clinton Hill Tees

This note just in from a reader: I've noticed in the past couple of weeks lots of people walking around the neighborhood wearing these t-shirts that say in large fancy cursive italics "Clinton Hill Chill." Some with white script on blue t-shirts, some blue script on white. These t-shirts are awesome and I would love to get my hands on one, but I have no idea where they come from (a cursory google yielded nothing). Have you seen these? I'd love to know where to get one.

I saw one last week on a teenage girl and it looked great. Someone help! How can we get our hands on these?

I also put up a post on Brooklynian in the hopes of finding the answer.

In other clothing-related news, there's a cool-looking store selling BK t-shirts on DeKalb near Skillman called D Train Couture. I haven't been in yet - anyone have a review?