Grand Ave. Gossip

Reader Ashley sent me some juicy gossip on some Grand area developments... So, I was passing by an empty storefront on Greene today, the one next door to the next incarnation from the neighborhood tastemakers at Choice Market. This empty space used to be a salon. Anyhoo, I asked the guy working on the space what was going in there. He said a yoga studio! Happy freakin' day! Oh, and Namaste.

ALSO, I was passing by the ever mysterious "Mirrors on Grand" space on Labor Day. It appeared that someone (presumably the owners) were hosting a private holiday party inside the not yet finished, but very promising space. There was a bar, and lovely exposed brick walls It looked nice even though there's clearly more work to be done before they can open anything.

This neighborhood is hoppin'!

Wow -- maybe Mirror's on Grand might actually be decent (someday).