Movie Night @ Hollenback Community Garden

This just in from the Hollenback Community Garden: What could bring together such a wonderful group of people such as yourselves, from across the spectrum of politicians, reporters, activists, green-minded organizers, designers, scientists, local community members, educators, photographers, local gardeners, parents, volunteers, musicians and more?

Why, the Hollenback Community Garden, that's what!

You are all friends of the garden, and as such I wanted to extend an invitation to you all for our upcoming,

third annual...

Triple Threat Yardsale/Free BBQ/movienight!

The event is to take place in the garden on Saturday, September 23rd (with a raindate of Sunday, September 24th). The yardsale is a fundraiser and will begin around 1pm The BBQ is free (though feel free to bring items to grill) and will begin around 4pm The movie will begin once it starts getting dark, around 8pm

Please save the date and invite your families and friends.

We look forward to seeing you there and being able to thank you for your past, present and future support and kindness.

in growth and sunshine, Mark

The Hollenback Community Garden is located at 460 Washington Avenue, between Gates and Greene in Brooklyn. It can most easily be reached by taking either the C-train or G-train to the Clinton-Washington stop.

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