311 Issues in CH

Received these response to the call for 311 documentation photos: I was trying to post on your blog but had some difficulties- it is about that photo problem 311 post! here is what I wanted to add:

What about illegal trucks cutting through the nabe, especially on Washington and Vanderbilt? Their economic gain is a blight and pollution to our area. There are designated truck roads, and any truck that is not local delivery, is a violation. It easy to document! Let's take some photos of 18 wheelers on Washington during morning rush hours. Recently I started to do it, but I would love some help. Another idea would be to convince DOT to install proper no truck signs -- maybe we could get some signatures of local residents and send it to them? Anyway I wanted to work on this issue for awhile now, but I am kind of too busy, maybe someone is willing to help? thanks.

And another:

This is a complaint about the idling ambulances below my window - the corner of Clinton Avenue and Myrtle Avenue, in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

Today, Sept. 9th, it was Truck #3502 from Brooklyn Hospital, idling from 9am - 2pm, parked on the sidewalk. I asked the driver to move off the sidewalk and he got confrontational with me telling me "this was his spot". I'm sure the sidewalk is not "his spot". I had to knock on the passenger window to wake up his partner so she could get him to move to the street, which they did.

On a daily basis, they park on Clinton Avenue, next to the fire hydrant, sleeping with the diesel fumes coming right into our apartments in the complex above. I have attached a pic because he made me so angry - talking on the phone, leaning into a friends car and telling me to leave him alone and call 311 if I didn't like it. I had called 311 but the Department of Health was not open on Sunday and they told me to call back on Monday. Very Frustrating.

According to the Dept. of Health Website:

"While ambulances are considered emergency vehicles under the Vehicle and Traffic Law, allowing these vehicles to idle for excessive periods of time in non-emergency operation is not permitted."

"Unless in emergency operation, ambulances and first response vehicles ARE NOT exempt from the provisions of these environment conservation laws. The penalties for violation of these laws may include fines ranging from $250 to $15,000."


I never noticed this, but today when I walked past with my dog, sure enough, there was an ambulance (FDNY this time) idling right there. Why do they need to keep the vehicle running?