Development Meeting Tomorrow!

The Land Use Committee of the CB2 will be hearing two cases of great interest to the community: *  163-167 Washington Ave. (behind Kum Kau on Myrtle)

*    72-76 Grand Ave.

Both cases involve developers who are trying to make the case that even though they were not completely finished with foundations, as required by the DOB, they should be allowed to go ahead with plans to build structures that are not in keeping with the new R6B zoning. In other words, they are asking to be "grandfathered" under the old zoning laws.

In the Washington Ave. case in particular, the community has been especially active in monitoring and objecting to the many work violations, stop work orders, damage to adjoining buildings, etc.  We all believe that bad faith and repeated violations should not be rewarded.

Come to the hearing to testify or just to see what is going on.  These cases will then go to the Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA), and CB2 will submit its recommendation.

DATE:       Wed., Sept. 19, 2007 TIME:         6 pm PLACE:      Polytechnic University 5 Metrotech Center, Room LC 400 Brooklyn