Speakeasy Update

Apparently, Josie's restaurant on Waverly and Greene will be called Speakeasy. The front's been painted, the interior looks gorgeous and they look to be almost ready to go. Reader Sean stopped in when he saw some action inside a few days ago: I just wanted to pass this along for CHB. I was walking by Speakeasy tonight and noticed that they had tables set up, candles going, and people were sitting at the bar. So I poked my head in and talked to someone inside. I was informed that they are just doing Friends & Family for now but plan to be open to people in the neighborhood on the 15th, sort of a trial run, and then fully open on the 22nd. I saw Josie in the kitchen and the place was all decorated and setup and, I must say, looking inviting. I'm very excited to see what they'll have on offer.

I took these snaps last night: