Green Fort Greene + Clinton Hill

Looks like this group is ready to kick it into high gear, and it sounds like a cool way to get involved in the neighborhood. Personally, I'm in for a "tres chic reusable shopping bag." One of my neighbors bought one at Trader Joe's, but I just can't stand the long-ass lines to get one: Dear Neighbors:

Green Fort Greene and Clinton Hill is a project of neighbors making our communities even more environmentally friendly. The initiative is sponsored by the Fort Greene Association with the support of the Society for Clinton Hill.

After lots of work getting organized, Green Fort Greene & Clinton Hill is ready to hit the streets. We are ready to begin selling energy efficient light bulbs, signing people up for electric accounts that do not contribute to global warming and selling tres chic reusable shopping bags. The other projects we have been pursuing -- for instance, tree planting and new bike racks -- are beginning to show results. Others in the works and additional ideas welcome.

We will be at the Green Market, at other community events, at churches and schools, and in building lobbies. Merchants will help distribute information to our neighbors.

Our web site is about to be launched. Beautiful leaflets, decals for participating merchants and posters featuring our strikingly handsome logo are going to print.

Con Ed Solutions is doing an 11,000 piece mailing on Green Power jointly with us.

So, we need you to come and see how you can do your part.

Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church 85 South Oxford Street 7:00 pm, Thursday October 18.