Vigilance Recommended!

Received this note from a reader, reminding us all to remain aware of neighborhood crime: I live in an apartment on Lefferts Place near Grand. I wanted to let you and your readers know about an incident that took place in our building on Friday night/early Saturday morning.

I left my apartment at 7:30 am on Saturday morning and found a puddle of urine and a used condom on the landing outside my door. There was some sort of drug baggie, cigarette butts, and a coffee cup on the stairs on other floors. The front door and gate were wide open when I left in the morning. I've only lived in the building for a year but there haven't been any incidents like this so it was obviously quite disturbing. Although I've been aware that there is a certain amount of drug activity, etc. in the neighborhood, I've felt safe living here and was really shocked by how bold this was. I was home sleeping at the time and it was pretty scary to think that this happened while a building full of people were sleeping.

I guess I just wanted to let some fellow Clinton Hill residents know as a reminder to be extra vigilant of security issues. I wouldn't want anyone else to encounter to a similar situation or worse if it can be avoided. It certainly was a wake up call for me.