Props for Brown Betty

Received this amazing email about Brown Betty from a reader:I'm writing to you about Brown Betty, purely I admit, out of self interest. My boyfriend and I go there for dinner at least once a month, which is about as often as we can because we're poor. It is amazing every time and we love it, but half the time when we go, we are the only people there. I think a lot of people know that they do breakfast and lunch, and I know there are sometimes lines and reservations for weekend brunch, but I think people don't know that they do dinner every night (I think) except Sunday.

I've sort of hesitated about saying something on any of the forums or blogs because we certainly like the fact that it isn't crowded at dinner, but I'm afraid that Cynthia will stop doing dinner if business doesn't pick up.

So if you have the time or inclination, you really ought to go over there for dinner one night and when you love love love it, write it up again. They're byob, which I rather like. Last night we had the most amazing brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes, catfish, and now they do this jerk pork chop that is insane and yeah, yum - sorry, I get a little ridiculous when talking about food.

So again, sorry to shamelessly write your ear off, but I really think this is exactly the sort of business we need more of at this end of Clinton Hill and I adore her food, so I want Brown Betty to do well.

I had dinner there ages ago, and it was indeed wonderful. It's easy to forget it's there, as it's so small and just south of Fulton, but DO check it out!

(Brown Betty is located on Grand just south of Fulton)