Recycling Your Xmas Tree!

Drag your dried up tree to Ft. Greene Park this weekend and watch it become mulch: Take your Christmas tree, without ornaments or lights, to the Willoughby/Washington Park entrance of Fort Greene Park next Saturday or Sunday (Jan. 5 & 6) 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to have it mulched. If you actually want to experience the excitement of the chipper working, come on Saturday, when there will also be refreshments and merriment. So, bring kids, dogs, friends and a tree. You can also take home a bag of mulch for your street tree pit or other garden area. Sunday, will be a drop off day only for trees.

This event and the chipper are sponsored and paid for by the Fort Greene Park Conservancy, Society for Clinton Hill, and Fort Greene Association.

Personally, I like to ditch my tree right after Xmas, and have my apartment back to normal before January 1. Wish there was a drop-off area in the park starting on the 26th!