A Smashing New Year in the Hill?

From a reader: My wife and I moved to CH this past summer, we live in North Campus of the Co-Ops and walking the dog the last couple of days on Waverly and Vanderbilt between Willoughby and Myrtle I have seen 8 cars with smashed windows. Luckily my parents' old Ford Taurus which I borrowed for the holidays was left unmolested but the car in front and behind were hit. I know the holiday season sees an increase in this kind of crime but it still seems a little odd. I know you post 88th precinct stats occasionally. I was wondering if you had noticed this, if anyone else has commented.

I haven't seen any of this personally, but has anyone experienced this recently? Waverly is awfully quiet at night, and I imagine it would be a prime locale for mischief like this.