Insanity at the Ch Co-Ops Ths Afternoon

I left my apartment around 4:30, only to find the entire CH Co-Ops complex at Lafayette surrounded by cops and armored cars and police tape. I was allowed to leave the property, but no one was being allowed in. Of COURSE, no cop would tell me what was going on, but I received this info from a reader: don't know if you saw/heard the commotion. there was a guy with a gun in 365 [Clinton Ave] threatening to kill himself. it caused a huge police response and people weren't allowed entrance into the area for at least an hour. they've let us in now so i assume they've gotten the guy.

allthough clinton from lafayette to greene was closed off and there were tons of those police tank-like cars all along the block and tons of cops, they let me leave the building with my dogs, but then wouldn't let me return 2 seconds later because it wasn't safe. if it wasn't safe why did they let me come out of the bldg to begin with? they made it seem like the guy could start shooting at any second (the cops had been ordered to take cover), but i don't understand how a guy with a gun in 365 could pose a threat to those at clinton and greene. anyway, i guess it's good to be overly cautious. hopefully he wasn't injured in the process and he will get whatever psychiatric help he needs.

It really annoys me that cops never give out info on what's going on. I mean, if we live in the building, don't we have a right to know what the hell was going on?!