Shooting Near Banneker School

Email from a block association: I was informed today by Beuford Smith that there was a shooting incident recently in our neighborhood on Clinton Avenue in front of the Banneker School. Apparently there was a “disagreement” with two young fellows (one not a student at the school itself) ending with a shooting in front of the school. The young man who did the shooting was caught by the police.

I would recommend that you try and attend the 88th Precinct Youth Community Council Meeting this upcoming Tuesday January 15th at St. Mary’s Church (corner of Classon/Willoughby) starting at 7:30PM. You may question the police during this meeting and ask for additional information. Plus a show of strength from our block would demonstrate our real concern for what is going on. This is an extremely serious matter. Guns being fired in our neighborhood, in my opinion, are a step back for all of us.

I know there have been a lot of crime-related posts, but I'm posting them as more of a call to vigilance as opposed to a reason to panic. Be aware, inform your neighbors and let's nip this trend in the bud.