French Immersion for Kids!

picture-3.png From a reader:

I've been in CH for the past 11 years - on and off for the first four years. My husband who is an actor has been here for 12 years and remembers when the neighborhood was full of more artists. I am a life and business coach on Clinton Avenue and a mom of two kids.

I offer French immersion classes for children on Clinton Avenue (between Park and Myrtle). It was first offered as a childcare option for clients I was coaching. Now, it's being offered all by itself. The name of the class is Bonjour Les Amis and I am attaching a flyer. We are having a free open house for Bonjour Les Amis on Monday, January 21st from 10am-2pm. Please share with anyone you think will be interested. Kids of all ages are sure to enjoy. There will be songs, dances, crafts and games - all in French.

I wish I had learned another language when I was little. If I was a toddler, I would totally go to this!

Sorry that I'm posting this late as far as the open house, but check it out!