Unsettling Crime

Received this ominous story last week: I live in Clinton Hill on Lexington Ave. near where the avenue ends at Grand. I am very fond of my neighborhood and have felt relatively safe walking around in it for the year and a half I've lived here. Unfortunately, I was attacked last Thursday early evening by a group of teenagers and no longer feel as safe. It was 6:15pm and I was crossing Lexington Ave just 50 feet from my own front door as a group of teenagers rushed up from behind, grabbed me, and began beating me. I am lucky. There was a man parked in an SUV very near who got out of his truck and began yelling at the kids. As he did this I was able to get to my feet and the teens all ran back down Lexington turning left and running further down Grand. The man who came to my aid made sure I was ok before leaving the scene. I escaped with no broken bones or stitches but there is significant bruising, swelling, and soreness, medical bills to be payed, and of course the sense of uneasiness that comes with being assaulted (in front of your own apartment!). I filed a police report at Precinct 88 the next day and the detectives (who were very helpful-btw) tell me that this is not an isolated incident and that there have been a few reports of late in and around Clinton Hill with similar circumstances carried out by a group of teenagers. I am a semi-regular reader of your blog and find it informative. I thought this might be something you and or your readers might like to be aware of as well.

It is extremely unsettling to hear about this -- a guy who gets jumped very early in the evening for no apparent reason just steps from his apartment. I'd never think to be wary of my surroundings at 6:30pm.  I try to stay away from crazed rants (aside from Adelphi Station), but dude!  Who raises kids who think beating up a random man is OK?!  Have they no concept of consequences?