Green Planet: Photos and Stuff

Despite the snow (and this is nothing, considering I'm from Buffalo), I purposely got off the C train on the Washington end.  So far, I'm pleased with what I saw. green-planet-6.jpg

The highlight of the store, as many have commented, is the very full bulk section in the back!


They seem to have everything here from dried fruit to beans to organic candies.

They also have a juice bar:


I tried a 16 oz Blueberry + Creme shake.  It was made with some sort of blueberry protein mix, low fat vanilla soy milk and an organic banana, for $3.99 (no tax!).  Not dirt cheap, but seemingly reasonable.

They have a lot of "normal" organic stuff that I'd buy regularly, like Amy's Organic soups and Kashi cereal.



Looks like pretty reasonable prices on both -- average to slightly lower than average.

They also have a crapload of vitamins.


Personally, I hate swallowing big pills. I stick to an Advil-sized multivitamin and a C chewable, personally.  But maybe you guys are into this stuff.

I didn't take a pic of the produce section, since my camera battery was dying.  It looked kind of small to me, but at least there's one in there!

Conclusion: Green Planet seems to be an ideal mix of the super hippie-dippie organic stuff, as well as the more mainstream organic stuff, and prices seem fairly reasonable.  Staff seemed nice, too.  Plus, the hours are AMAZING (8am to 10pm!!!).  I'll probably hit up my Waverly Associated for the basics.  But for me, this'll be a great place to stop for a smoothie while taking a walk, loading up on dried fruit and stopping in for snacks when Associated is closed (ahem, Sunday evenings!).  You could probably do a lot of your basic grocery shopping there -- they have dairy, pastas, condiments, etc.

(Green Planet is on Fulton St. at Washington Ave)