Take Out

From Clintoncentric: It takes so much more energy for me to cook in the wintertime. I'm bored by the fresh produce, too cold/lazy to trek to Fairway, and unless I spend my Sundays cooking for the week, I'm basically f*ed, and have to either make quick meals after work, or order take out. Problem is, there aren't that many good options that I'm aware of. These are my favorites though:

Luz (718-246-4000), for their $10 rotisserie chicken -- one of the best I've had! -- with extra pepper sauces (they've got a green one and a reddish-orange one), black beans and rice.

Mojito's (718-797-3100), for their chulettas, pernil, or churrasco chicken, smoky black beans and rice (with extra green sauce!)

Bombay Masala (718-230-7640), for classic anglo-saxon fare: Chicken Tikka Masala and the Mushroom Saag. Really, the best Indian take out in the hood in my opinion.

Yamashiro (718-230-3313), for their Jade Roll (like getting seaweed salad in a roll), Yellowtail roll, and their Wasabi Roll. Hubby always gets the Sashimi Deluxe. They're generally fresh, and tastier, I think, than Sushi Okdol, though I haven't given them enough play, I admit.

Sushi Okdol (718-789-1373), for their bi bim bop. They're really more Korean than Japanese, and they give you tons of sides, like mushrooms, tofu and seaweed salad, for free when you order an entree.

Where does everyone else order from, and what do you get?