The Met Scrambles for Some Cred

After all these comments on the Met on Fulton, I'm sure glad that it's not the closest grocery store to me! Looks like the opening of Green Planet (and maybe some of the remarks here on the interwebs) have the Met trying to make themselves look better. This just in from reader Rachel:

I found this really interesting: Met Foods now has a painted sign on their window claiming “Largest fresh organic products in the area.” I went in to see if there were, in fact, any fresh organic products and was hard-pressed to find any (just the usual half-rotten produce they usually carry). It’s clearly a reaction to the threat of all the discerning customers shopping at Green Planet, but why lie? I find it very fitting that the bunny painted next to the sign looks more like a giant rat…


Heh. It actually does kinda look like a rat!