Gluten-Free Suggestions Wanted

Received this email from a reader, who coincidentally went to the same high school as I did (small world!): I have a quick question to ask - I've been trying to read the blog for any suggestions on gluten-free food/ideas in the FG/CH area. I've been diagnosed with Celiacs for over four years now, and it's been really tough to find gluten-free products in the area. I know of the organic food store on Myrtle (Karrots), and the Met on Fulton is hit or miss (but they seem to have the GF beer), and the Associated on Myrtle carries a small selection. Any chance you could make a request/post about it in an upcoming blog entry?

Ideas? I'd also suggest:

  • Green Planet (Fulton at Washington)
  • Fresh Garden (Fulton and Lafayette)
  • Provisions (Fulton at S. Portland)

(More info on these places here.)